It Starts with the Heart

Your donation helps give people with disabilities, veterans and seniors in the Greater Lansing community the care they need.

Keeping Families Together

Group Of Senior People Playing Board Games In Community Center

Now more than ever, families are struggling to keep their loved ones who need extra care at home. Family caregivers are often forced to choose between their job and needs of loved ones. Unfortunately, reaching an emotional and financial breaking point isn’t just a possibility, it’s a sad reality for most family caregivers.

Active living services like ones provided by ALFA can give relief to these families in our community. ALFA helps seniors, veterans, people with different abilities and the family caregiver find hope through support. Caregivers and clients are able to live a more enriching life, and above all, families can keep the people they love in the home they love.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

ALFA has been keeping families together for nearly 40 years, a feat that wouldn’t be possible without incredibly caring people like you. Your donation, large or small, directly impacts the lives of seniors, veterans, and people with different physical and mental abilities. You can help them continue to live full, happy lives at home with family and friends.

Community Donation Impacts

Group Of Senior People Playing Board Games In Community Center
  • 125 families helped each year
  • 45,000 hours of care provided
  • 13,870 days ALFA has been able to serve our community
  • Caregivers and families can spend quality time together
  • Caregivers can maintain jobs, while keeping loved ones at home
  • Caregiver and family member relationships are no longer strained from stress
  • ALFA members live happier, healthier more enriching lives


Male Care Worker Serving Dinner To A Senior Man At

We’re grateful to have an amazing group of volunteers lend a hand at our Community Center. Coming from every corner of the Greater Lansing area, our volunteers are all different ages, backgrounds and have unique reasons for why they’re passionate about donating their time to active living and our incredible clients. Whether you’re an artist or entertainer looking to share your craft or a student who needs credit for a class, we’re happy to have you help out. The talent, selflessness, and care our volunteers bring is truly something that makes ALFA a brighter, more enjoyable place for clients, staff and the community. We can’t wait to have you in.

Our Impact

Check out our annual report to see the impact we’ve made on families in the Greater Lansing community. Thank you to our donors, volunteers and supporters for helping us make it happen.

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